Great Methods To Monetize A Blog

A Monetized Blog Can Represent A Solid Revenue Stream

If you’ve got a blog and you haven’t monetized it, you’re leaving money on the table. You’re also reducing value for your readers—monetization brings them value, too.

If you’ve tried to monetize it and haven’t been able, it makes sense to inform yourself with known best practices. This writing will briefly cover several blog-monetization best practices to help you maximize your potential.

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Email Marketing And Sponsorships

These are two of the most basic, straightforward means of monetizing your blog. Whenever you have someone subscribe, provide an email option. That is: part of the subscription process should involve delivering an email. This can be done under the auspices of verification; something to the tune of: “Enter your email to verify your identity.”

A message is then sent to the email address including a code and a link. The subscriber clicks the link, enters the code—voila! They’ve automatically added themselves to your outbound email list, and they’ll be notified when you post new content. So if you’ve got selling or paid subscription opportunities, that information goes out to an increasingly larger group.

Couple this with sponsorships for funding. Find like-minded businesses. For example, if you were an entertainer with a following, you might find businesses that match your entertainment style in terms of demographics. Then you’ve both got a win-win. They sponsor you with a few little graphics and some money, in return, your audience sees they are aligned to your ideals.

Advertising And Affiliate Marketing

Advertisement is fundamental to sales, and advertisers need many avenues of outreach. A blog can be perfect; especially if, like with sponsorship, your blog coincides with the demographic of certain advertisers. You want to find those advertisers who are the right fit for your blog’s information.

You can double down on this idea through something known as “affiliate marketing”. Essentially, this is when your operation earns a level of commission through the promotion of other people’s goods. So say you had a video blog about crazy historical figures, and for a minute before each episode, you advertised some history website or The History Channel.

In that scenario, you’re acting as an affiliate marketer. Basically, it’s a “deeper” advertisement. You’re incorporating outreach into your content. So you might look at your blog, see where there are spots that could include some marketing exposition, then reach out to appropriate businesses who could be affiliates and pitch them on your idea.


As the old saying goes, plans tend to fail if there isn’t good counsel behind them.

Different avenues of outreach exist for different blogs, and you may be surprised at some of the available opportunities which come from professional consultant groups. Search for niche tactics that may specifically adhere to what you’re blogging about. There are, believe it or not, blogs about how to profitably blog. Use the internet as your free professional library.

Maximizing The Monetization Potential Of Your Blog

Advice, affiliate marketing, advertising, email marketing, and sponsorship represent some of your best possible approaches to monetizing a given blog. This can take some time, but what you spend in terms of blog monetization should be made up in terms of expanded traffic.

Not only do you provide a service for those with whom you partner, you increase your own visibility. With any sort of blog, you need to position yourself as an authority. Simultaneously, you must respect the core mission of the blog.

Thankfully, no one is ever really alone. Even “prepper” types at the edges of society who may run a blog have businesses that are somewhat aligned to their interests—like those producing long-term storable food, or water filters. There is room for crossover.

Find your crossover, reach out to similarly situated businesses, and be diligent in the process. There are certainly other ways to monetize your blog as well; these are just some of the most straightforward.