Are You Wasting Money on Bunion Treatments That Don’t Work?

You have to take care of your health if you want to succeed. Chronic pain makes it difficult to concentrate at work, and having to take time off when you’re having health problems can drain your savings. Unfortunately, many people put off getting medical treatment for some issues for too long, ending up with a much more expensive procedure in the end. Simple conditions like a bunion on your foot can lead to significant problems down the road. Still, you may hesitate to get surgery because you’ve heard it’s painful and expensive. But before you waste a lot of time trying to treat your bunions with over-the-counter remedies, consider the long-term effects of putting off surgery.

The Cost of OTC Bunion Treatments Add Up

In the early stages of a bunion, you occasionally feel pain when you’re on your feet a lot or when you’re wearing shoes that don’t have room for your bunion. The resulting pressure and swelling can make the situation worse over time.

As a bunion gets worse, you’ll have to spend money on various products and treatments for comfort. This might include bunion pads to cushion the bunion, orthotic insoles to realign your foot and ease pressure on the ball of the foot, and bunion splints to wear at night. Adding up the cost of these items, which must be replaced frequently, may shock you. Now add in the cost of pain medication (whether over the counter or prescribed). As bunions get worse, you’ll also have to get new shoes that have a wide toe box and plenty of stretch (leather or canvas rather than vinyl or other cheap materials). Over time, you’ll continue to pour good money after bad because these treatments relieve pain but won’t stop your bunion from getting worse.

Why Bunion Surgery is a Better Financial Choice

The bunion surgery cost is usually between $4,000 and $8,000, depending on the severity and what type of surgery is recommended. While that sounds steep, most of the cost is covered if you have health insurance or Medicare. You’ll be responsible for a small copay, if anything.

Once bunion surgery is performed, and you’ve healed, you won’t have to rely on various orthotics and pain killers. You’ll be able to move around comfortably within a few weeks of surgery. Medical facilities like Northwest Surgery Center offer a variety of reasonably priced options that will relieve pain, realign your toe, and get rid of the bunion for good. Without daily pain or limited mobility, you’ll realize the investment in bunion surgery is a smart one for your physical comfort and overall health. And good health is always a wise investment.